Photos - Waniska Premiere

The Elders premiered their film, Waniska - An Awakening of Indigenous Knowledge at the First Nations University Elders' Conference held March 23-25th at the Regina campus in Saskatchewan during the Elders conference where students and the public could learn directly from Elders and Knowledge-keepers.

Some attendees cried tears of joy and healing during the premiere as they saw their own knowledge systems and land-based practises being honoured and celebrated. The film will be available for free to First Nations during a Pow Wow trail tour this summer where communities can gather together, view the film and host a discussion on reviving Indigenous knowledge with a panel of their own local Elders and spiritual leaders. 

Waniska was written and directed by the Elders with producers from Productions Cazabon, the makers of the Reconciliation resources.  The film will be available for the classroom and the justice system in fall 2018. 

Read more about the behind the scenes in our blog here.

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